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Why our website?

Just for fun, July 1, 2019


We are all professionals (or aspiring professionals in the case of Chaitanya). We therefore wanted to have individual websites for each one of us. Furthermore, we wanted to have our own private cloud for the family.

Santosh is an experienced financial services professional with three decades of multinational experience. He works in London.

Sanika topped M.Sc. Finance at her university with an unbelievable CGPA of 3.96 out of 4.00. She currently works as a banker in Mumbai.

Chaitanya - lovingly known as Chips - scored c.90% in his HSC exams and did extremely well in the university entrance exams. He is currently pursuing his B.Sc. Finance in Mumbai.

No one knows the future!. Perhaps, one day our family may have our own financial services group. We will launch our own bank, an insurance company and investment management business. That is a dream as of now. Wish us well!

Not scared of hackers?

Bug Bounty Program, July 1, 2019


Santosh is passionate about cybersecurity. For us this website and our private cloud server are part of testing our own cyber resilience. Yes, we are crazy to use the production environment as a cyber challenge. So far we have paid two professional hackers who have not been able to break into our private cloud server. If you think you can hack us, let us know and we will whitelist your IP address. We have a bug bounty program at this link.

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Stay in touch!, July 1, 2019


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